If you’re in a hurry

“If you’re in a hurry, walk slowly. Better or correctly quoted from Japanese, take a detour.

During my professional journey, I’ve noticed twice how beneficial it is to take this quote to heart.

Both times, pressure and the daily rush to meet EOD deadlines stood as a steadfast guiding principle for good work, as only those who spent a lot of time meticulously crafting charts and lingering in the confines of these PowerPoint galleys were rewarded with the sweetest morsels.

This peculiar approach to motivation ultimately yielded few positive results. Clients abandoned ship, new clients could feel the pressure under which they were presented with something, and they preferred to sail toward their goals with other vessels.

The high-pressure environment and the notion that the longer you stayed, the more you delivered became an example of what not to do for me.

Taking your time doesn’t mean dawdling or being ineffective. A focused and efficient approach to the journey is more likely to propel you forward.

Charts come together on the first attempt, the wording flows smoothly, and the team spirit is marked by the desire to reach the goal together without stumbling along the way.

In one’s personal life, it’s also better to think twice before reacting immediately. The initial thought might be correct, but it doesn’t have to be. The famous “sleep on it” approach is usually a good idea.

I’m grateful that today, in the world of work, the path has changed. Lunch breaks are seen as a moment of rest, working hours are not just a minimum requirement for presence, and presence alone says nothing about the value of one’s work.”

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